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Monday 11/01/10

Happy New Year to you all, may 2010 be a year that shines bright for all of us. Well, for me it could not have a better start as it's off to South Africa later this month, for 3 weeks of sun, plenty of good seafood, maybe a little bubbly & lots of hard work, making lots of wall plaques, cards & developing new products. Today I spoke to the ladies up in Eshowe, it was their first day back at work, after their summer break, well earned. They were already making the first batch of paper, in readiness of my visit. We have all committed ourselves to making 2010 our year & with your support we will make it happen.

Thanxs for following our journey...

Sunday 17/01/10

Spoke to Wiseman today, he is eagerly awaiting my visit, he knows that I will be bringing lots of goodies & ideas, together with the magnets that many of you have posted into us, thank you so much. I forgot to tell you that I had the privilege of meeting Mrs Eve Branson, mother of Sir Richard. We had a very interesting chat, as she runs her own foundation, which assists young girls in supporting themselves. They live high up in the Atlas mountains, in Morocco. So whilst I am visiting Wiseman I will be gathering info on just how he & his friends make their paper-mache bowls, paper & other items, to pass onto Eve, for her project. She has expressed an interest in visiting the projects in Kwa~Zulu Natal, here's hoping...

Sunday 06/12/09

Everyone at KZN Paper is working extremely hard, especially to complete an order for 1,000 mini Zulu pots in handmade boxes, these have been ordered for a conference that will be taking place in Durban.
They are also making lots of paper, in readiness for my visit to the workshop in January. They will be making a Special Valentines Day Plaque, be sure to look at the site at the end of January, order quickly and you will have it time to give to your special someone.

During my time in Kwa~Zulu Natal we hope to develop many new items, don't forget to send us any of your ideas, we have already been asked for some new designs in stained glass, also to extend our card range, so I think it is going to be a busy 3 weeks.

Sunday 29/11/09

Hi, welcome to our site, thanxs for dropping by, much appreciated. We hope that you will enjoy looking through what we have to offer. You will become aware that the majority of our products are handmade, mainly by rural community projects, using, where possible recycled or sustainable materials.

Being a proactive organisation, wherever possible, we would appreciate your input with any ideas, suggestions.

Should you be thinking of replacing your old refrigerator in the near future, please remember us, firstly remove the door seal, pull out the magnet that is inside and kindly post it to us. We in turn will send you free of charge "Gilbert the Guinea Fowl" Fridge Magnet handmade and painted by Wiseman.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you who visit our site.

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