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Prenesan at Aim Print
I have been dealing with AIM Print for over 20 years and have known Prenesan for the past 8years. During the past year (2009) he has gone beyond that extra mile, enabling me to move forward with the KZN Project, not just by cutting and delivering my boards, but also supplying, free of charge, the first batch of recycled cards and those all important business cards for Wiseman.

Thank you Prenesan, look forward to seeing you here in the UK in the near future.

Benny at Malvern Frame Shop
Benny and I have known each other since he came to work for me, what must have been over 35 years ago, at Merlin Posters, he was always one of my best picture framers and still is. Benny has cut all the mounts for the recently launched Wall Plaques. If anyone visits Durban in South Africa, they can always meet Benny at the South Plaza Flea Market, any Sunday.

As always Benny, a BIG thank you.

Inderan & the Team at MacQuip~Screenwise
What can one say, without you guys and ladies, I would not have been able to even produce the first set of 12 plaques. I really appreciate all the advise and assistance given in such a short space of time. Please don't think that you have seen the last of me, after such great service, I will see you next year for next step in the KZN Project.

Lucky "the out of blue" silk screen printer
That man "Lucky", what a star, he came from nowhere and saved the day, the supreme silk screen printer. On our hours drive from Durban I was touched by his reverence for the Zulu culture and it's traditions, he has a vision for his own future and what he wants to do with his life, as he is both a poet and script writer. I trust I will have the pleasure of his company, when I next visit Kwa~Zulu Natal.

Gary & Staff at Rent & Drive Car Hire
Another company I have been dealing with since 2000, always there to pick me up from the airport, in Durban. So if you ever visit Durban, need an inexpensive car, then there is only one number to call….031 332 2803.

Their website is www.rentanddrive.co.za.

Many thanks for all your assistance on my last trip, keep that nippy little Corsa ready for my next trip.

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